McKenzie & Keim

A Lighting Studio

McKenzie & Keim is a lighting design studio based in Chicago, Illinois. We craft high quality light fixtures suitable for residential and commercial interiors. Our products merge LED technology with classic materials like brass and glass to create timeless, efficient luminaries. Each light features minimal lines and elegant transitions between components, all clad in a variety of finishes.

The work exclusively uses efficient, replaceable LED bulbs. The compact size of the LED creates new formal opportunities, allowing us to produce luminaires on a more intimate scale than conventional lighting.

We partner with neighboring industry in Chicago and New York to manufacture components and produce beautiful finishes. Each luminary is made and wired to order in our studio located in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.

The collection is characterized by a reductive yet flexible system of hardware that yields distinctive production pieces as well as customizable installations.

Ursa Series

Using a primary element in repetition, the Ursa series takes inspiration from both tiny molecular forms and huge stellar constellations. The series offers multiple points of light on an intimate scale, a focal point in open space. The luminary is available as a smaller pendant or a larger chandelier.

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Point Series

Offering bold visual impact with minimal form are the Point Sconces. Each sconce projects 2, 3 or 4 points of light in a low profile fixture. The polished sconce plate reflects the light creating an alluring mirrored effect. They are available in a variety of geometric variations.

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Limited Production Lights

McKenzie & Keim designs a small number of limited production fixtures. These pieces are typically created for site specific projects, and sometimes just for fun.

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Apollo Series

Introducing our Apollo Series, a range of reductive table lamps, pendants, and chandeliers. Working with skilled artisans here in the US, we have developed a glass and brass shade that seamlessly blends into our brass armatures. Our Apollo shade houses powerful, dimmable LED bulbs. The LED’s work together with our hand blown glass to cast a brilliant yet soft light.

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A FLEXIBLE SYSTEM: McKenzie & Keim's special system of hardware creates endless possibilities of composition and light. The system features varieties of right angle and acute joints. Each composition can be specified in a range of production and custom finishes. The inherent flexibility of the parts yield McKenzie & Keim’s standard offerings or specific installations, tailored to each space. The system of hardware pairs with replaceable LED bulbs to produce efficient, discerning lighting.

Brendan Keim

Born and raised on the shoreline of Connecticut, Brendan spent his youth wandering beaches and forests, consuming science fiction, and taking things apart. He attended Pratt Institute to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design. After graduating in 2005, Brendan spent the next five years working with various designers and firms throughout the five boroughs, including Lindsey Adelman, Patrick Townsend, Clodagh, PICO, Keith Recker, and Nick Dine. In 2012, Brendan received his Master's of Fine Arts in Furniture Design at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI.

Taylor McKenzie-Veal

Hailing from the Midwest, Taylor grew up camping around the great lakes, making messes with clay, and doodling things he spotted around Indianapolis. He attended University of Michigan for his bachelor's degree, focusing his studies in industrial design. He has since received an MFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and founded a furniture design studio where he licenses products to manufacturers.